Romantic Retreats

Consumer Tips for selecting Luxury Accommodation

Choosing the right Luxury Experience for You and your Partner

Have you ever stayed in one of those Grand Hotels with Italian marble floors that stretch forever, past elevator ports and through waiting lounges?

At check-in is a sharp receptionist and a well groomed concierge to provide assistance with your luggage. Yet, you sense an underlying similarity in the staff – They really Don’t Care!

At best they are polite, under instruction from Faceless Management, to be nice, polite and obliging to justify the Extraction of your Dollar.

You find your way to Level 3 number 96, enter and unfortunately discover the foyer was obviously the selling point, and the service ended at the handing over of keys.

The images you were sold on were deceptive, to say the least, there’s no ambiance and the place is void of sensuality.

It’s really just another room with try-hard ‘stylish decor’. To top it off there is this ‘pressure’, pressure to dine out and pressure to conform to time. It’s all designed around hotel efficiency; for us to do breakfast at the same time, eat in the same place and check out before the day gets cracking. Worse still, there is NO atmosphere and the place has no Soul!

There Is a Solution…
We refer to it as “QUALITY BEYOND THE FOYER…”

There is a fresh new wave of highly entrepreneurial, new age small boutique “Hotels” emerging where the focus is, unashamedly, purely on You the Guest.

The leading edge company of this new wave in customer service is, without doubt, ‘Riverview Rise Retreats’.
Old world hospitality mixed with new age internet marketing makes this micro destination extraordinary. It’s a stunning Murray River location hosting Three exclusive, Villas that make for a Secret Hideaway with the Warmest Welcome.

Here you will find consistent quality in personalized service, distinctive design and elegant ambience aimed to satisfy desires for one-of-a-kind experiences. It’s a place well known for making travellers feel welcome and comfortable through intuitive and unscripted customer care with a relaxed approach that makes any guest feel at home. Expect the Exceptional and attention to detail designed to provide total comfort and privacy for you and your partner within a quiet romantic atmosphere that is only heightened by a lazy late 2pm check out. Allow yourselves time where there is no rush or expectations and no need to be part of anything other than together.

You will find pomp, ceremony and arrogance missing here, but don’t just take our word for it, take a look our Guest Book Testimonials.

Riverview Rise Retreats is the perfect place to celebrate that next special occasion with your partner or create a memorable romantic mystery getaway.
Go on – Do something completely different – Stay and Play in SA.

It’s something out of the ordinary!


So, if you are after large fanciful foyers, being one of around 500 guests,
eating breakfast at set times and checking out by 10am
Then Riverview Rise Retreats is NOT for You !

Whilst others sell accommodation Riverview Rise Retreats has soul
and specializes in Romantic Luxury Escapes with Exceptional service!
A great place to Rest, Re-connect and Retreat by the River.

‘It is  GUARANTEED  Quality beyond the Foyer’

romantic getaway sunrise on the river.

Sunset on the Murray River – you should come and Experience a different kind of life.