Luxury accommodation 5 star  Guarantee

Your Right Decision Guarantee

To help you Eliminate the Risk of Disappointment

Just like You, we too, get extremely disappointed
when we do not receive the quality of accommodation that was promised in brochures and web-sites, i
mages that are not true to what actually is, let alone services we look forward to.

 For this reason we take particular care in being true to label with all photographs and descriptions of your accommodation at Riverview Rise Retreats and offer the following Guarantee:

Your RIGHT DECISION GUARANTEE – Eliminates your risk of disappointment.

When you arrive you will know you have made the right decision.

As you will read in our Guest Book, history has proved that we exceed peoples expectations.

If on arrival, you are not fully satisfied with what you receive on the basis of our advertising we Guarantee an un-conditional FULL money back refund.

We couldn’t make you this offer if we weren’t totally confident that what you see on our advertising is what you actually get.

Who else offer a Guarantee in Accommodation?

You have absolutely nothing to lose so feel comfortable knowing you have made the right decision,

Book-Online or better still – call Wink on 0400 310 380 to discuss your reservation.


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