What is a Retreat?

How a Retreat differs from other accommodation types.

Why choose Riverview Rise Retreats?

There is a very good reason – Riverview Rise Retreats  is Different, so to help you understand why, we have dedicated this page to help explain just what make it so special.

Like you, we also get extremely disappointed when we do not receive the quality of accommodation that was promised, implied or expressed. Images that are not true to what actually is, let alone services we expect. For this reason we take particular care in being true to label with all photographs and descriptions of your accommodation at Riverview Rise Retreats.

  • Your Retreat is an individual Self Contained luxury house with 5 Bubble Rating on TripAdvisor
  • It has been designed and built for the sole purpose of providing you with the ultimate in comfort.
  • Luxury accommodation where you can relax, enjoy and re-connect with your partner in secluded privacy.

When you arrive, you will know you made the right decision! (read the Guarantee here)


5 STar Retreat

While RRR does provide accommodation, that’s where the similarity with other accommodation providers, ends.

What makes Riverview Rise Retreats that extra-ordinary place that puts it in a category of  ‘Retreat’?

  1. Fact: We are South Australia’s foremost self contained Luxury Retreats
  2. Fact: The Retreats are unique, specifically designer built boutique huts fulfilling a number of Qualifying Conditions that simply cannot be replicated by any other form of accommodation.

Now you are probably wondering what are these ‘Qualifying Conditions’?

To answer this fully would take a while and we are happy to discuss them with you – if you ask. However, to give a crystal clear understanding of our point of difference using as few words as possible, I refer to author and anthropologist, Dr Dianne Johnson from her new book‘Hut in the Wild’. (available from Blue Mountains bookstores including Megalong Books Leura NSW)

You’ll find a copy of the book in your Retreat to read at your leisure. You can also listen to the pod cast on the subject at “ABC Radio National interview by Alan Saunders with Dr Dianne Johnson about ‘Huts in Wild’ – Listen Listen HERE

Romantic Dawn on the Murray River

Below are the essential ‘Qualifying Conditions’

  1. Huts are first and foremost Retreats, they are a refuge, an escape.
  2. A little bolthole in the bush or by the sea to escape the complexities of the modern world.
  3. They are all about a particular type of space of spiritual refuge which must be set in nature and close to water.
  4. A special place, a haven for rest and recuperation.
  5. It’s an enchanted place where domestic adult rules and time frame’s can be avoided.
  6. It’s somewhere you can safely step out of society for a day or so
  7. In Australia they are mostly built from corrugated iron ‘tin hut’
  8. They are a place where time is inconsequential, it’s a place where your mind can savour a pregnant pause – time seems to stop still.
  9. It’s a place where due to the location something quite magical engulfs us

As you will read in our Guest book, there’s a whole lot of people who agree with the above mentioned conditions.
In the case of RRR – it’s a place where you intentionally have little to do but  to Relax, enjoy each other’s company, and recharge your energy levels.

>>> It’s interesting to note that the feelings created by such a space cannot be replicated in a city or suburbia where the elements of nature play second fiddle to man-made rules, conditions and conventions.

For this reason the fanciest hotel room lacks that essential intimate connection with nature, it can never be magical, it can never be wild. At best, it can be a well appointed place to stay – it has no soul!

“You can’t live in your hut, you can only visit and absorb the magic”