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A Genuine Couples Retreat

Luxury Travel tips

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  We provide a GUARANTEE of Satisfaction.

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Riverview Rise Retreats is a Genuine Couples Retreat.
Our 3 Retreats have been specifically designed and built as a destination for Couples only. Being seperate secluded villas, each with total privacy, it’s perfect for the celebration of special occasions such as anniversaries, proposals and birthdays. A luxurious sensual cocoon where couples can re-connect, rest and play.

Riverview Rise Retreats does not provide a multi-bedroom apartment complex for small groups or families that are often marketed as a “Couples Romantic Getaway” destination.

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Riverview Rise Retreats is beyond accommodation
It’s a Platinum River Experience.

Secluded luxury with magnificent panoramic Murray River views, a place just for you and your partner.

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Here, the focus is purely on you. It’s not just about the room, it’s about the whole intrinsic experience for all your senses that make for a memorable getaway. The sight, sound, smell and luxurious ambience of your Retreat all add to the creation of a memorable experience beyond the accommodation.

You will find consistent quality in personalized service. Distinctive design and elegant ambience aimed to satisfy desires for one-of-a-kind experiences. It’s a place well known for making travellers feel welcome and comfortable through intuitive and unscripted customer care with a relaxed approach that makes any guest feel at home. Expect the Exceptional, a quiet romantic atmosphere that is only heightened by a lazy late 2 pm check out.

Don’t just take our word for it, see our REVIEWS written by people just like you.


Your Right Decision Guarantee – Eliminates your risk of disappointment.


“Two nights of magical bliss. The outside world ceased to exist. What a way to celebrate our belated 15th Anniversary! The room was amazing, the ambience, the utilities, right down to finest, luxurious details. We didn’t want for anything. Romance was a given, it didn’t need to be created. Privacy was fantastic and customer service second to none.”


” For those seeking a very high level of amenity, spectacular scenery and outstanding hospitality, Riverview Rise Retreats should be your first choice. It has few peers in South Australia, indeed in the country. This property is a gem..”