Your Right Decision GUARANTEE

 Luxury Accommodation Assurance

Just like you, we get very disappointed when we don’t receive what was sold to us in brochures and web-sites.
To give you the confidence of a good experience and eliminate any disapointment, we present you with our Right Decision  GUARANTEE.

Your Right Decision GUARANTEE


Right Decision GUARANTEE

You can eliminate your risk of disappointment.

When you arrive, you will immediately know that you have made the right decision.

Once you read our REVIEWS and Guest Book testimonials, you will quickly realize that guests are happy with the quality of accommodation we have provided. You will note, that in most instances Riverview Rise  Retreats actually exceeds their expectations.

Upon arrival, if you are not fully satisfied, we Guarantee an un-conditional FULL money back refund.

There is no way we could risk this Guarantee if we were not completely confident in quality of our accommodation.

We want you to feel comfortable knowing you have made the right decision by booking now.

You have nothing to lose.

To Check for Availability & make a Booking


“Two nights of magical bliss. The outside world ceased to exist. What a way to celebrate our belated 15th Anniversary! The room was amazing, the ambience, the utilities, right down to finest, luxurious details. We didn’t want for anything. Romance was a given, it didn’t need to be created. Privacy was fantastic and customer service second to none.”


” For those seeking a very high level of amenity, spectacular scenery and outstanding hospitality, Riverview Rise Retreats should be your first choice. This hotel/Retreat has few peers in South Australia, let alone in the country. This property is a gem..”