4 Ways a Couples' Retreat Can Improve Your Marriage

Get in the mood for reconnection!

Do you feel detached from your spouse lately?

Have you been struggling to find time together between household chores, children’s classes, and late-nights at the office?

Do you just sit across from each other at the dinner table without saying anything because you’re simply exhausted?

If your answer is Yes to any of these questions, it’s time to get out of town!

Nothing keeps the butterflies and sparks alive like a romantic getaway. And because it’s not something you do every weekend, why not splurge and book a luxury retreat in South Australia?

You’re surrounded with clutter and paperwork and chores all year long---things that take your eyes away from each other. A secluded couples-only retreat can surely spice things up. How?

keep your relationship interesting

1. Gives You Time Alone

One of the major struggles surrounding most marriages, particularly those with kids, is finding “alone time together”. You can wait until the kids go to bed and the dishes are cleaned, but you’re also probably too tired by then.

Couples may quickly get an hour or two each day, but the problem is getting “quality time”.

Karina Wolfin, the senior business consultant at Direct Appliance Rentals, encourages her married colleagues to take a retreat at least once a year. She says, “We live in a busy world, and that’s why a private retreat is helpful. A spectacular panoramic river view will allow you and your spouse to share sentiments that are usually ignored during regular days. It’s an opportunity to work on unresolved issues and remind each other how much you care about the relationship.”

2. Rekindles Intimacy

Intimacy is essential in romantic relationships. However, the closeness between two people can weaken due to overwhelming demands at home and work. You and your spouse may not have time to empathise with each other because you’re chasing deadlines all the time.

A secluded river retreat that blends comfort and luxury can put you in the mood for reconnection. You don’t have to think about anything else; just your relationship. Just imagine staying in refined accommodation with a soft king-size bed, dramatic lighting, gourmet kitchen, and fabulous river views.

3. Let’s You Have Fun Together

Can you remember the last time you had a good laugh with your partner? If the answer is “No”, chances are, your relationship is on a rough patch. Every relationship needs some light-hearted fun now and then.

A secluded couples’ retreat gives you a chance to have fun together. There are no gurus, marriage counsellors, therapists, or instructors involved. The staff won’t even bother you unless you need another bottle of wine! You’re likely to enjoy more because you won’t be conscious of other people’s presence.

Play games, watch Netflix shows, soak in a luxurious bathroom, have a private barbeque on the patio, take a stroll by the river etc!

4. No Distractions

The little tasks you do each day accumulate and prevent you from spending quality time together. With kids, work, and other responsibilities, many married couples don’t have time, space, and energy to cater to their exclusive connection.

By booking a couple’s retreat in a secluded riverside facility, you can get away from all the distractions. You won’t have to get up an hour earlier to make pancakes because there are full breakfast provisions. There’s a Nespresso machine for your coffee cravings, a complete laundry if you brought limited clothing, and a candle-lit spa to ignite the romance as well as relieve some muscular tension. Everything a couple would need is already there, all that you have to do is relax.

Does it feel like your marriage has settled on a boring routine?

Are you burnt out from all the household chores, meetings, and deadlines?

Can you still remember that last time you felt romantic?

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Article by
Zoey Magrath - Sydney based freelance writer. 

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